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British Columbia is highly recognized for its commitment and capacity to be a centre driving innovation, and Vancouver’s competitive position as a hub for innovation and commercialization.



The British Columbia business ecosystem is supportive, strong and has a depth of expertise for Asia Pacific relations beyond any other North American city.



The opportunities for business growth from a base in Vancouver, into the North American and international markets, as well as into Asia and South America are vast.



Vancouver offers unique blend of work-life balance: a positive, innovative workplace culture and high degree of mobility, making British Columbia highly desirable for international firms.



The unique blend of communities, premises, and strategic, well-connected location makes Vancouver and British Columbia an ideal neighbourhood for establishing an HQ, and growing international business.

  • Sony Pictures Imageworks’ decision to relocate from California was certainly influenced by Vancouver’s burgeoning reputation as a hub for video gaming and TV animation. Operating in the same time zone as LA streamlines production efficiencies – allowing artists, supervisors and production staff to work more seamlessly on projects.

    Randy Lake Executive Vice President and General Manager, Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • We could have gone anywhere in the world, and we picked Vancouver.

    Janet Kennedy President, Microsoft Canada
  • Vancouver is highly-regarded as a city that is particularly conducive to starting a business, with world-class talent and innovation. As CoMedia has grown and expanded beyond Silicon Valley, Vancouver was the logical next step for us.

    Kenneth Yang Co-founder and Director of Product, CoMedia Design
  • We decided to open an office in Vancouver, motivated by the level of government support, talent pool and quality of living. Our employees are very fortunate to live and work in a city that offers great infrastructure in terms of public health, public education and public safety.

    Satoshi Yokota CEO, Classmethod Inc
  • Having our headquarters in Vancouver is crucial. This is where we come from; this is our ultimate muse. Our HQ is here, but our growth is global.

    Jon Horeauf President and GM, Arc’teryx
  • As a design-driven brand, Vancouver is the perfect place for our headquarters. It’s a worldly city with a melting pot society, diverse culture and inclusive nature.

    Jamie Cormack Co-Founder, Herschel Supply Co
  • Vancouver is our global headquarters. The talent available to us is incredible, and we view this as a competitive advantage for our company. People are the beginning of the formula. You don’t pass go, you don’t collect $200 if you don’t have amazing people.

    Laurie Schultz CEO, ACL
  • We are headquartered in Vancouver because we began here and are growing up here, there’s an innovative tech culture— we’re part of an amazing cast of Vancouver companies disrupting all sorts of sectors—and there’s a deep and diverse talent pool here.

    Jeff Booth Co-founder and CEO, BuildDirect
  • When deciding where to base Bench, the two questions we asked ourselves were: 1) Where do we want to live for the next ten years? and 2) Where is the talent that will drive our growth? In answering those questions, Vancouver was the clear choice.

    Ian Crosby Co-Founder & CEO, Bench
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