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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


British Columbia is highly recognized for its commitment and capacity to be a centre driving innovation, and Vancouver’s competitive position as a hub for innovation and commercialization.



The British Columbia business ecosystem is supportive, strong and has a depth of expertise for Asia Pacific relations beyond any other North American city.



The opportunities for business growth from a base in Vancouver, into the North American and international markets, as well as into Asia and South America are vast.



Vancouver offers unique blend of work-life balance: a positive, innovative workplace culture and high degree of mobility, making British Columbia highly desirable for international firms.



The unique blend of communities, premises, and strategic, well-connected location makes Vancouver and British Columbia an ideal neighbourhood for establishing an HQ, and growing international business.

You’re in Good Company

Launch your Growth with a North American Head Office in British Columbia

Strategically located on the Pacific Northwest coast facilitates access to Asia, Europe, and North & South American markets. Vancouver’s offering to foreign companies is strong:

  • Proximity to key markets
  • Educated and skilled talent pool
  • World-class transportation networks
  • Stable government
  • Sound financial system
  • Universal health care
  • High quality educational institutions
  • Most liveable city
  • Clean and safe environment
  • Multicultural city

Canada is the Best Country to HQ a Corporation

Our Services

Connect you with our extensive range of contacts

spanning all levels of government and across a wide range of private sector industries

Offer sector specific counsel

from our diverse and experienced executive team

Assist with your corporate relocation strategy & execution

including guidance on fiscal incentives

Provide strategic advice

on establishing Vancouver headquarters, as well as trusted, ongoing counsel

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  • @TeckResources  relies on the #Vancouver resource sector Ecosystem. #WhatsYourHQ 1 month ago
  • Why locate your HQ in Vancouver BC?  @ACLServices  kept its global HQ in #Vancouver because of its People… 1 month ago

  • “We can't find a better place than British Columbia: to find the companies, the welcoming government, the research, the ideas, the innovation, it's really the one stop shopping center.”

    TERRY TAMMINEN Operating Partner - Pegasus Capital Advisors
  • “There's no place comparable to BC, because it is here that you feel at home, that you have the natural beauty, you have the rich mix of culture and people, it is the best place to start a business.”

    WEI SHAO Partner - Dentons Canada LLP
  • “Our company has achieved a great success by starting in BC. If your company would like to launch a business in Canada, I strongly recommend you use BC as a springboard.”

    SHAWN KIM HiOssen/Osstem Implant Canada
  • "BC has abundant natural beauty, highly skilled work forces, and most of all, it has a business friendly environment. BC Offers a very good environment to do business. This helps with building networks with our partners and expanding our business further."

    JOHN KIM Partner - Fasken Martineau
  • [:en]"From day one the reception has been very positive doing business in Vancouver. We've had wonderful reception from both the government, the municipalities and as well the technical market. Another advantage for businesses opening in Vancouver is the proximity, it's quite easy to travel to Vancouver."[:de]"From day one the reception has been very positive doing business in Vancouver. We've had wonderful reception from both the government minister polities and as well as the technical market. Another advantage for businesses opening in Vancouver is the proximity, it's quite easy to travel to Vancouver."[:]

    JEN GEDDES People Operations Manager - Ping Identity
  • "If you look at major markets like both Europe and Asia, we're right in the middle."

    JAMES HURSTHOUSE CEO - Roadhouse Interactive
  • "Firstly, BC offers a great living environment. Every person working on content development brings their own value to the work. We think that Vancouver is one of the most livable cities in the world."

    MR. SAITO Executive VP - CTO - Namco Bandai
  • "It's a very good thing to bring in people from all over the world, they like it here."

    KLAUS BERGER VP Fuel Cell Division Mercedes Canada
  • "British Columbia is a truly multicultural market, which offers unique and special business opportunities."

    HIRO OKAMOTO President - Blue Tree Management
  • "I believe that in BC, many sectors have attractive business opportunities, such as in lumber, minerals, fishery and commerce."

    Teddy Cui Owner - Skeena Saw Mills
  • "When I look at the investment environment in BC, it gives the message that BC is open for business."

  • Canada is a trading nation and British Columbia is uniquely positioned as Canada’s gateway to Asia. Our low taxes and open markets make Canada one of the most attractive countries in the world to do business. Today’s announcement is another step our Government is taking to strengthen investment from Asian markets, and to build a stronger Canadian economy. We are pleased to partner with the province of British Columbia and BCBC to strengthen trade and investment opportunities in Canada.

    The Honourable James Moore Minister of Industry and Minister Responsible for British Columbia
  • HQ Vancouver is a big step towards strengthening our relationships with Asia’s growing markets. Head offices generate direct economic benefits, including high paying jobs, business growth and increased awareness that B.C. is a competitive jurisdiction to do business. By working with our partners in the federal government and BCBC, we can use our unique assets, knowledge and skills to strengthen B.C.’s brand as a safe and certain destination for investment.

    The Honourable Teresa Wat B.C. Minister of International Trade
  • As a central location in the Pacific Rim, the Metro Vancouver region is strategically situated to act as a North American destination for international head offices looking to invest and operate their businesses across the continent. The BCBC is proud to lead the HQ Vancouver initiative with the support of the Federal and Provincial governments and our advisory council of internationally recognized business leaders.

    Greg D'Avignon President and Chief Executive Officer, BCBC
  • We have opened an office here because we believe Vancouver is the city of the future.

    Miklos Dietz Managing Partner, McKinsey

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